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The Great Arkansas Pie Book

Recipes for The Natural State's Famous Dish From Our Favorite Restaurants, Bakeries and Home Cooks

An extraordinary selection of 248 recipes covering sweet to savory and everything between two crusts.

Pie. It's the singular dessert that can be found on menus across Arkansas, no matter the restaurant. It comes in so many varieties, and the folks who make it take great pride in their special recipes. Now, The Great Arkansas Pie Book encapsulates so many of The Natural State's favorite pies in a brand-new, full-color collection.

With her 12th book, Arkansas author and food historian Kat Robinson returns to the subject of her first and fourth books to give hungry diners what they seek - the recipes for some of the most beloved pies in Arkansas.

"Over the more than 15 years I've studied Arkansas foodways and shared the stories of the people who make what we consume, I've collected recipes for pie," says Robinson. "Sometimes it's a quick recipe scribbled on a waiter's order book, sometimes an old newspaper clipping. I've tucked them away, knowing someday it would be time to share this bounty. I've also amassed more than 500 Arkansas church and community cookbooks, a collection I've dug through time and again to cross-reference the many dishes we bring to the table in The Natural State.

"With my first book, Arkansas Pie: A Delicious Slice of The Natural State, I shared the stories of piemakers and restaurants. My fourth book, Another Slice of Arkansas Pie: A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bakeries, Truck Stops and Food Trucks for Delectable Bites in The Natural State, shared the locations of 475 places where you can purchase a slice of handmade and delicious pies all over Arkansas. What my readers have been asking for over all these years are more recipes. I hope with this new book, I have properly obliged."

The Great Arkansas Pie Book
is a massive, 288 page assortment covering every type of pie - fruit, nut, cream, custard, chocolate, meringue, fried, and savory. It shares unusual and unique pies, and even those that make their own crust in their baking. The 248 recipes within cover pie crusts made from butter, shortening and lard; from restaurants of the past and eateries currently offering some of Arkansas's best slices, from home cooks and from both old church cookbooks and historical sources. Recipes date back as far as the 18th century. Within the pages, you'll find some of the most beloved and singular pies ever brought to the table, including

  • Mile High Chocolate and Lemon Meringue Pies from the venerable Ed and Alma's restaurant in Benton
  • Lemon Chess Pie, the very recipe from the Arkansas Governor's Mansion reportedly favored by President Bill Clinton
  • Arkansas Possum Pie from Tusk and Trotter in Bentonville, named the top pie in Arkansas by People Magazine
  • Company's Comin' Pie from the Cliff House Inn, the official pie of the Arkansas Sesquicentennial
  • Ozark Wild Huckleberry Pie from Burns Gables and Rabbit Pie from Booger Hollow, mid-century Arkansas tourist attractions.
  • An 18th Century Meat Pie, developed from recipes from English settlers in the Boston Mountain section of the Ozarks
  • Peach Lattice Pie from Mrs. Jan Simrell at Ventris Trails' End Resort
  • Cathie's Buttermilk Pie from The Oark General Store
  • Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie from Trio's Restaurant in Little Rock
  • Caramel Pecan Cream Cheese Pie from The Wooden Spoon in Gentry
  • Five different recipes for the famed Egg Custard Pie from Franke's Cafeteria historical pies such as Black Bottom Pie, Brown Bag Apple Pie, Cushaw Pie, Dog Tick Pie, Goody Pie, Gooseberry Pie, Lemon Rice Pie, Pinto Bean Pie, Mincemeat Pie, and Shoo Fly Pie. You'll also find standards like apple, cherry, grape, coconut meringue, pecan, lemon icebox, caramel, strawberry, and fried pies between the covers of this cookbook.

Robinson not only visited and tried pies at so many restaurants included here, she also personally baked almost 100 of the recipes she researched at The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow, in its esteemed and singular Culinary Suite, the only food writer dedicated retreat in North America. The authentic photography showcases these dishes whole and by the slice. The author spent almost a month in total testing recipes from the past, redacting and adjusting measurements for modern considerations, refining them for the perfect slice.

The Great Arkansas Pie Book also offers stories about the locations where the pies can be found, about the piemakers and the history behind these different desserts. There are also historical photos and details. Every page, Robinson says, is guaranteed to make you hungry.

"I'm hoping to truly preserve a slice, pardon the pun, of our favorite Arkansas creation, from its beginnings as a way to extend the life of leftovers as the next day's take-along pie, to the use of our indigenous pecans and squashes, to how mid-century and modern cooks have and still do bring these dishes to the table. There's something to love for everyone here - savory pies that make an excellent dinner, gluten-free crusts and fillings to accommodate dietary issues, fruit pies that take advantage of our summer harvest, and holiday pies any cook would be proud to serve. Pie, after all, is made with love, and I hope my love of the subject shines through with each bite."

The Great Arkansas Pie Book is available in hardcover nationwide, including these local places:

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A paperback nationwide release is set for September 12, 2023. Signed copies are available direct from the author at

The Great Arkansas Pie Book: Recipes for The Natural State's Famous Dish From Our Favorite Restaurants, Bakeries and Home Cooks

Hardcover, retail $39.99
Tonti Press (May 9, 2023)
ISBN: 978-1-952547-14-0

Paperback, retail $29.99
Tonti Press (September 12, 2023)
ISBN: 978-1-952547-13-3

280 pages, full color, 248 recipes
Library of Congress Control Number: 2023936052
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To order: Tonti Press Store

Pages from the book:

Kat Robinson is an author, Arkansas food historian and filmmaker. The Emmy-nominated host of Arkansas Dairy Bars: Neat Eats and Cool Treats is also a prolific contributor to local, regional and national publications and an accomplished photographer and publisher. She is a member of the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame Selection Committee, the co-chair of the Arkansas Pie Festival, and the 2022 Best Author in the Arkansas Times Readers Choice Awards.

Tonti Press is a micropress operating in Little Rock, Arkansas, publishing niche books in full color by Arkansas authors.

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